AusFAC 2016

2016 AusFAC Competitors

Startup Tablelands Hosted the First Australian Future Agro Challenge at Malanda Showgrounds from the 11 to 13 November 2016. 

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Congratulations to Platinum Compost Pty Ltd, crowned  Australian Agripreneur of the Year 2016.

Platinum Compost Pty Ltd

Sustainable regeneration of soil health and productivity

Avocado Presentation Technique

Microbiologist and plant pathologist Willem Landman has found a way to extend the shelf life of the popular fruit to 12 days using technology called modified atmosphere.

Air Engine

The idea was to establish an environmentally friendly power-source which can be used universally.

The inventor, Mr Edgar HARING, is a retired Aircraft Engineer and now a hobby inventor, who spends many hours on environmentally-friendly inventions.

Tree Bracket

I have designed a simple stainless steel bracket that can be used to attach fencing wire to trees. It allows for continual tree growth and lasts indefinitely. My business is designing and producing environmentally friendly agricultural products.

Tropical Forest Tree

“Our passion is achieving GREEN CAPITAL & rural solutions for Carbon Abatement – involving rapid adoption of NEW TECHNOLOGIES & empowerment of INDIGENOUS COMMUNITIES.”

Gilberton Outback Retreat

Lyn French Gilberton Outback Retreat Experience a unique outstanding 5 star luxury escape that will stay with you for ever. Unplug unwind and relax in this extraordinary ancient land. Experience life on a historical working cattle station while staying in luxurious comfort. 

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